In the majority of the states part of the European Union, young people are not practicing sports on a regular basis in order to keep their fitness and are not getting involved in other types of outdoor recreational activities, such as trekking, hiking, running, etc because they don’t consider them attractive enough. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle becoming more and more popular and generating various problems that give a hard time to European youngsters: obesity, circulation problems, social isolation, depression, etc. At EU level, the number of youngsters that are affected by these issues is increasing. According to EuroStat data (Youth in Europe, Lifestyles), only 27% of the boys and 19% of the girls with ages between 16 and 30 declare that are regularly doing recreational physical activities (sports, running, hiking, etc). These numbers are concerning because it’s an average of all EU states, with numbers bigger in the North and West of Europe and lower in the East and South, the geographical area from which we constituted the partnership for our project.

The concept of “Healthy for Life” projects was born in this background and, through the team work of our organization and international partners, we successfully organized three international youth exchanges. The aim for all these projects is to increase the level of awareness about the importance of including physical sports and other outdoor recreational activities in the daily life of youngsters, underlining their positive impact for a healthier lifestyle.

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